We encourage you to explore the sites of some of our favorite socially engaged creative artists and thinkers, as well as organizations who are involved in the kind of work we value. [We would like to note, however, that in accordance with IRS guidelines, we do not advocate on behalf of any particular political party or candidate or endorse any organization that does so]:

Gardarev Center Favorite Creative Artists and Thinkers

Indira Allegra

Indira Allegra (copyright 2017 Indira Allegra)


Fred Ata

Fred Ata (copyright 2013 Fred Ata)

Fred Ata (copyright 2017 Fred Ata)








Melissa Boyajian

Copyright 2015 Melissa Boyajian

Copyright 2017  Melissa Boyajian








Durryle Brooks







Sarah Cargill

Sarah Cargill (copyright S. Cargill 2016)

Sarah Cargill         (copyright  S. Cargill  2016)










Yadira De La Riva

Yadira De La Riva (coprright 2012 Yadira De La Riva)

Yadira De La Riva (copyright 2017 Yadira De La Riva)









Cheryl Derricotte

copyright 2017 Cheryl Derricotte


Laura DiPiazza

Laura Di Piazza (used with permission from Laura Di Piazza 2013)

Laura Di Piazza
(used with permission
from Laura Di Piazza 2017)











Mushim Patricia Ikeda

Ana Lara

Oscar Palacio

kt shorb

Javaka Steptoe

Javaka Steptoe (copyright 2011 The Gardarev Center)

Javaka Steptoe (copyright 2017 The Gardarev Center)








Chaw Ei Thein

Chaw Ei Thein (copyright 2012 Chaw Ei Thein/used w/ permission)








Manish Vaidya

Manish Vaidya (photo by Priscilla Bertucci)

Manish Vaidya
(photo by Priscilla Bertucci)











Kevin Wong

Kevin Matthew Wong (copyright 2017)









Larry Watson

Larry Yang



Gardarev Center Organizational Favorites

Alma de Mujer Center for Social Change

East Bay Meditation Center

Free Dimensional

Highlander Research and Education Center

Tom Jackson (our wonderful web host!)

The Meeting Point

The Mesa Refuge

The Theater Offensive

Transcultural Exchange

Vermont Performance Lab