On Line Programs

On Line Class: “Meditation for Socially Engaged Artists and Thinkers”*

[*Part of a series of Gardarev ℠ programs and classes in the fields of social justice, meditation, and the artistic, creative, literary, and performance arts.]

Addressing society’s inequities can be stressful for socially engaged artists and thinkers.  Some find that meditation can help with this.  This page shares “lessons in mindfulness meditation” for people interested in exploring this approach.  From time to time we will also post video clips from our in person workshops, classes or residency programs on this topic.  See below.

[Please note that because we cannot guarantee that these lessons will produce any specific results of any kind for any particular person, we encourage you to “take what works for you, and leave the rest behind.”  Further, our lessons do not constitute the giving of professional or therapeutic advice; so if you have special needs in that area, please consult a licensed medical or mental health professional.]