Education and Research Residency Program


Gardarev Fellows: from top row/left to right: Goussy Celestin, Sarah Cargill, Chery Derricotte; from bottom row left to right: Catia Confortini, Blair Franklin, Min Min Hein. Ferry Beach, Maine (copyright 2021 Gardarev Center)


The Program. Housed in simple, unexceptional accommodations, Gardarev Center education and research residencies are grounded in silence and mindful, beloved community. While we are not a faith-based organization, our residencies are heavily inspired by contemplative Buddhist retreats and those from other spiritual traditions.  (Please note that Gardarev Center residencies do not cover travel expenses.)

Our Resident Fellows. Gardarev fellows are emerging and established creative artists and thinkers for whom the interconnections between feminist principles, diversity, people of color, lgbt identity, economic inequality, body image, environmentalism, anti-racism work, human rights and social justice activism are important elements of their creative consciousness. They come from the communities they serve, and are comfortable working independently for extended periods of silence and living and speaking with others thoughtfully and with an open mind.

Our selection process. Garadarev Fellows are chosen by a Final Review Committee that considers recommendations from a Nominating Committee. Both committees are made up of accomplished socially engaged creative artists, thinkers and activists.

Our location. Our education and research residencies are situated in different locations every year. In the Spring of 2011 our inaugural residency was at the Boston Nature Center, a Massachusetts Audubon Society nature sanctuary located in the heart of urban Boston.  See Residency News for info on current fellows and residency locations.